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PZU Ordinacija "Prof. D-r Bogoev" is offering the following medical services:

• General internal medicine examination
• Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Interpretation
• Thyroid Ultrasound Examination
• Doppler of Peripheral Circulation
• Vibrometry
• Ophthalmoscopy examination
• Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement and Diet Counselling
• Oral Glucose Tolerance Testing
• Glycaemia Test
• Test of Blood Ketones
• Treatment of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, as well as treatment of diabetic complications
• Diagnosis and following of diabetic foot
• Diagnosis and prevention of Diabetes
• Patient education through different courses and issuance of recommendations for Diabetes mellitus
• Diabetes mellitus patient management during pregnancy
• Special education and prevention of obesity
• Diet and nutrition counseling
• Diagnostics of the pituitary gland diseases, especially malfunction of the Prolactin (Growth Hormone) secretion disorder
• Diagnostics and treatment of adrenal glands (Cortex and Medulla)
• Diagnostics and treatment of the male reproductive system
• Orchidometry
• Treatment of osteoporosis
• Polycystic ovaries and excessive hairiness in women
• Preparation for In-vitro insemination